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Motorcycle Jackets and Helmets

Choosing the right clothing is an integral part of your protective apparel and will help protect you in a collision. It provides comfort, and protection from heat, cold, and debris, along with the hot, moving parts of the motorcycle and the road.

Recommended clothing and protective apparel:

• A jacket that covers your arms and fits snugly enough to keep from flapping in the wind, yet allows you to move freely. Leather or sturdy synthetic materials with integrated body armor offers, the most protection. You should consider a jacket that is brightly colored or reflective. Either of these will aid in your visibility so other motorists can see you.

• Long pants offer greater protection than short pants. Denim jeans provide the best protection. Chaps (leather pants without a seat) worn over long pants offer an extra layer of protection for your legs.

• Over-the-ankle boots or closed toe shoes should be high and sturdy enough to cover and support your ankles. Soles should be made of a hard, durable, slip-resistant material. The heels should be short so they do not catch on rough surfaces. Tuck in the laces so they will not catch on your motorcycle. Shoes, such as flip flops or sandals, are not recommended protective apparel.

• Gloves allow a better grip and help protect your hands. Gloves should be made of leather or similar durable material offering maximum hand and finger protection.

• Wearing a jacket, long pants, sturdy shoes or boots, and gloves (even in warm weather) can prevent dehydration, and sun/wind burn. Many of these items are designed to protect without making you overheat, even on summer days. Riding for long periods in cold weather can cause severe chill, dehydration, and fatigue. Numbness can make it difficult to control a motorcycle. In cold or wet weather, layer clothes to keep yourself warm and dry, as well as protect you from injury. A winter jacket should resist wind and fit snugly at the neck, wrists, and waist. Good quality rain suits designed for motorcycle riding resist tearing apart or ballooning up at high speeds.

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